MLA Recap of Recent Economic Events & Update to our Financial Services Guide (FSG)

Dear MLA Clients,

We take this opportunity to briefly summarise some recent events as follows:-

  1.   The UK officially exits the European Union after 47 years.  The race begins to formalise bilateral trade agreements with all trading partners, including their largest Рthe USA.
  2.   The US and China sign Phase 1 Trade Agreement, and Phase 2 already underway.
  3.   Despite coronavirus global growth more stable in 2020 than 2019.
  4.   Australian bushfires Рearly estimate approx. -0.7% impact to GDP. (Aust. Finance Minister).
  5.   Polls show Donald Trump as favourite in forthcoming US Election (Nov. 20).

(source: CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, Economists, Fund Managers, World Economic Forum)


We further highlight a few interesting takeouts for 2020 from the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland last week:-

  1.  Leaders cautiously optimistic entering a stage of stability in 2020. (source: overall WEF)
  2. ¬†Climate change was central theme of the WEF. “Climate risks underestimated on economy and corporates as its difficult to assess”. (source: Christine Lagarde – EU)
  3.  IMF downgrade global GDP to 3.3% primarily due to India (Inflation high). (source: IMF)
  4.  Diverse Boards drives better proven results and adds value to shareholders.  (source: Goldman Sachs).
  5.  Digital Tax has been proposed by France Finance Minister.
  6.  EU, China and 15 other countries to form alliance to solve trade disputes. (source: Bloomberg).
  7.  C02 emissions from recent fires in Australia same as all emissions from Aircraft flights in 2018. (source: Bloomberg)

We look forward to expanding on this in your individual reviews throughout 2020.


Finally, please follow the link below to access the latest version of our Financial Services Guide (FSG) dated 1 January, 2020 (version 1.6):

Click Here for our latest Financial Services Guide.  Please note:  our FSG and Privacy Policy is also available on our website.


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Margie Arendtsz

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